Personal and Group fundraising pages

Powerful fundraising solutions for individuals, groups, and companies...

1. Find the charity you'd like to support

2. Click "Create Group", enter your details, select the Group type and URL

3. Share your group and we'll take care of the rest!


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For Individuals

Personal Fundraising Pages

Are you participating in an event and planning on getting sponsored for charity? Xperedon's personal fundraising pages are full of great features that you and your supporters will love.

Each personal page has blogging, sharing, and media galleries, as well as donation processing in 4 currencies.

And there are different URLS to choose from, depending on the type of event you are doing.

Find your favourite charity using the Search button below, and click "Create Group" to get started.

For Groups

Manage a Group of givers

Do you represent a Club or Association, a group of friends, family, colleagues, or just simply a group of people sharing a common goal?

Create a "Master Group" and your participants can create their own personal pages under that, which then shows the overall total raised by all participants, and has links to each individual page.

To start, just simply find the charity you'd like to support, and press "Create Group".

For Companies

Engage with your fundraisers

Take a leading role in your employees fundraising and participate in their success.

Have you considered matching funds raised as part of your CSR policy?

Xperedon Group tools allow you to set up projects your company would like to support, and then each employee can have their own fundraising page.

With a sophisticated back-office and powered by the Xperedon fundraising platform, this is a robust and innovative way to engage with what matters to your team...