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Fundraising for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, to help in the development and growth of the awareness program on water safety and the risks of drowning and to help children to swim.

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Page information:

St tropez - Monaco 140km one day cycle ride.

Support in aid of Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation.

The Challenge:

St Tropez - Monaco bike ride

Date: 26/4/15

Location: St tropez - monaco

More details: 140 km one day bike ride

Funds collected are delivered to the beneficiary charity

Goodwill Messages from donors

Goodwill message from donor   Good luck Geez - Nick.
Goodwill message from donor   Best of luck Eccy, bring home the gold. Love Dingo, Imogen and Ariana
Goodwill message from donor   All the best - make sure Kate puts your stabilisers on for you! Tom Jess and Heidi x
Goodwill message from donor   good luck
Goodwill message from donor   So this is why you've been in the gym every day - so you can pull off wearing dodgy spandex cycling gear! Good luck mate from us four x
Goodwill message from donor   good luck mate..see u at the bar afterwards...standing of course !!! Tesco
Goodwill message from donor   Good luck darling, we know you'll smash it! X
Goodwill message from donor   Good luck daddy! We love you x
Goodwill message from donor   Go on daddy! You can do it! X
Goodwill message from donor   Great cause ! Good luck !

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