Tessa is back on the bike for another COCC - Champagne Oyster Cycle Challenge
Page owner: Tessa Hardy
Part of the fundraising group: 2016 COCC St Tropez to Monaco Bike Ride

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EUR 700



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Country: Monaco
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Charity Mission statement
Fundraising for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, to help in the development and growth of the awareness program on water safety and the risks of drowning and to help children to swim.

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EUR 50.00
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Largest donation 100.00

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United Kingdom

on Wednesday, May 04, 2016

at 5:00 pm

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Page information:

I am back on the bike for my 3rd consecutive year to raise money for Princess Charlene of Monaco's swimming programme - helping children learn to swim and creating awareness reducing drownings.

The Challenge:

Champagne Oyster Cycle Challenge - otherwise known as the COCC

Date: 24/04/16

Location: St Tropez to Monaco

Funds collected are delivered to the beneficiary charity

Page Owner

Tessa Hardy

each year just gets harder - 150KM

Goodwill Messages from donors

Goodwill message from donor   Don't drink and ride Good luck Take helmet off for pictures Xx
Goodwill message from donor   Good luck x
Goodwill message from donor   Good luck x

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