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Fundraising for the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, to help in the development and growth of the awareness program on water safety and the risks of drowning and to help children to swim.

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Page information:

This year's COCC St Tropez to Monaco Bike Ride in aid of the Princesse Charlene of Monaco Foundation will take place on Sunday 6th May.

Last year more nearly 100 members of the C.O.C.C. of Monaco took part in their annual St Tropez to Monaco charity bike ride.

The funds raised last year were used to help build a first aid and CPR training complex in Loumbila, Burkina Faso, a joint project with the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation, the Monaco Red Cross and the Burkinabe Red Cross.

A frightening statistic is that drowning is the 3rd leading cause of unintentional injury death worldwide. Each year there are conservatively approx. 400,000 drowning deaths worldwide – that is over 30,000 deaths a month or staggeringly 1,000 deaths every single day.

In general, children under 5 years of age have the highest drowning mortality rates worldwide and being a former Olympian and South African swimming champion this cause is very close to the Princess’s heart.

Her Foundation helps in the development and growth of the awareness program on water safety and the risks of drowning and to help teach children to swim. Several programs are now up and running and these can be seen on the Foundation’s website:

For more detail on the COCC rides visit

Date: 6th May 2018

Location: St Tropez to Monaco

More details: St Tropez to Monaco

Funds collected are delivered to the beneficiary charity

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Tessa Hardy

Another year has passed and off I go again to cycle St Tropez to Monaco 2018

Goodwill Messages from donors

Goodwill message from donor   Bloody brilliant you're doing it again . Good luck xx
Goodwill message from donor   Pedal hard Tessa May the downhills be longer than the up..! X
Goodwill message from donor   Good luck. Best Wishes Nathan

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